Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Been One Year...

On this same day last year, the CIncinnati Bengals lost one of their beloved players, Chris Henry. We all know that Chris had his problems off the field so there's no need to discuss or mention his mistakes at this time while honoring his memory.

I remember the day when I first found out he died. I was a senior in high school and my AP English class was having our class dinner and we were all in a circle saying our goodbyes to our assistant teacher. As soon as it came my time to speak, that's when i got the breaking news email saying that Chris passed away, I lost it! Looking back, I didn't care that I was crying over his death in front of all of my friends..i was really heartbroken. I felt that way because of the time when I met him, he was VERY nice and surprisingly, very shy! So many people talked so bad about him but never have I ONCE mentioned his name with negativity on my mind. 
I tweeted this earlier today... 

And Chad Ochocinco was basically the only one who was paying tribute to his fallen teammate and tweeted this very awesome picture:
"A year ago today I didn't just lose a teammate I lost a friend 85+15= 100 ways to be great."


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