Friday, December 31, 2010


THE NEW YEAR IS ALMOST HERE and so I decided to create a list from 2010 on what needs to be GONE in 2011, and what really grinds my gears!!!

  1. Let's retire the word "HATER." Just because somebody expresses their opinion about something, doesn't make them a hater, it's called constructive criticism. BUT....unless that person just doesn't like somebody for no apparent reason, THEN you can call them a hater! :) 

     2. Please, please, PLEASE!!! Can everyone stop accusing our black and SUCCESSFUL artists for being in the illuminati ( scary!!!). I get so sick and tired of people on YouTube making no sense in their homemade, windows movie-maker videos, taking bits-and-pieces of videos and calling them facts! First of all, IMO, people must not know how much racism is still in the world today because WHY would an organization,(a secret one!), include black people anyway?? It makes no sense to me!! 

"UGH, where do I start? people ask me shit about illuminati
first off, fuck that mean?
he loved Jesus when he he he was worse off
oh I see, when they, think a nigga is, stupid rich
people just start coming up with stupid shit" - Kanye West

Check out this video. This pretty much sums up what I think about it!

    3. STOP LACE FRONTS NOW!!!!! #thatisall #sorrybrandy :(

       4. I'm tired of seeing dudes wearing skinny jeans!! What really bothers me is that their skinny jeans are tighter than mine!! O_O #sorrychrisbrown #sorrykanyewest

NO NO NO NO and NO!!!

5. This last one is for the Twitter and Facebook people (and i'm guilty of this)....the #hashtags belong on Twitter! Most people on Facebook don't even tweet and are probably just using it just because everybody else is -_-

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