Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cover art? *BANNED*

A couple hours ago, Kanye tweeted about his album artwork getting banned in the U.S. He tweeted this earlier....

Now, I was kinda skeptical about how serious it was to be banned. I was thinking, "damn how bad is the cover for it to be BANNED..?" And this is what Mr. West tweeted as his banned cover. Peep this!

This is DEFINITELY NOT what I expected, but look at the album title.. The cover is indeed dark and twisted, and maybe Kanye's fantasy; but where is the beauty in this? But I will say this, the more I look at it, I actually kinda of think it's dope. Here's what else Kanye had to say about it:
  *read from the bottom-up*

I'm pretty sure Yeezy has more artwork for the album...maybe he's just testing the waters to see what his fans might think of it. Whatever the cover may be, I'm buying his album for the music first, and artwork last. But I must say, his last 4 albums artwork has been amazing, so I know he won't disappoint with this new album! 

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